Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development

Cleantech in Colorado

Two large wind turbines spin in front of the mountains.Colorado is a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The Colorado Cleantech Industry Association (a CREED stakeholder) outlines the following top reasons why Colorado and Cleantech make sense.

  • More than 300 cleantech companies are located in Colorado.

  • Colorado is home to the nation's largest national laboratory devoted to renewable energy research and development.

  • Colorado is among the top three states in cleantech venture capital investment.

  • In 2011, Colorado was home to the inaugural Celebrate Cleantech Research event, recognizing outstanding cleantech research and commercialization in the State's university labs.

  • Colorado is home to clusters of companies in the wind, solar, biomass, smart grid, water, advanced transportation and energy efficiency fields.

  • Colorado's major universities—the University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines—are leaders in cleantech and renewable energy research and development.